Everybody tryna make a hit. I'm tryna make an impact.”

— Jo3 H3nson


The Album is FINALLY done, & out in the universe!!!!

The Message has been delivered!!!

So have i.


Thank God.

Day 1. The Release... 

Today is a day of victory. So much has attempted to stop me from seeing this day...the release day. No matter what happened tho, I knew I couldn't give up on this album. It's too important. It's needed too much right now. I couldn't let evil win. It's like all the hell i went thru creating it, would've been in vain if i didn't drop it.


But not only is today the day I released my long-awaited Debut Album "L.A.M.E." but today is also the beginning of my new blog. I've had blogs before but this one is…

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