From the album L.A.M.E. - The Dark Side

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Sick & Tired ft. Briley (Prod. by Caesar)

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Lord, i don't wanna leave
Lord, i don't wanna go
But Lord, i think i'ma leave
Lord, i don't wanna leave
Lord, i just wanna go
Lord, i think i'ma leave

Verse 1:
i'm sick of being broke as shit
i'm tired of this hopelessness
i'm sick of these emotions &
i'm tired of having to go thru shit
All the time, all the time
i'm sick of being sick & tired
All the time, bottom line
i'm sick of it all
i'm tired of y'all
i'm sick & tired my dawg
i'm sick of getting hired
& i'm tired of getting fired
i'm sick of really dealing with this bitch, i'm tired of tryna wife her
i'm sick of fake friends
i'm tired of snakes, &
i'm sick of liars
i'm tired of loving but i'm not a fighter
i'm sick of hurtin
What's the purpose?
i'm tired of feeling worthless
i'm sick of biting bittersweet forbidden fruit, listening to serpents
i'm tired of writing so i didn't rehearse this
i'm sick fo being 1 of the illest niggas with the verses
& it worth shit
It ain't worth shit

i just wish it all would go away
i just wish it all would go away
i tried, & tried
i tried, & tried
i tried, & tried
i'm sick & tired

Verse 2:
i have a confession
i have been stressin
Questioning God
Along with myself, & my blessings
Fighting depression
Pressin on
Depression's hard
But it can teach u lessons
Unless ya lost
Where am i? & where am i going, God
i've been high & low
Inclines & slopes
Now, i just get high, just to get by, whenever i get low
In the distance i see water
Where are ya
i'm sick & tired of tryna follow, follow God
If u love me, why do u treat me so ugly?
God's love isn't so lovely
What the fuck
i just need u to just treat me justly
U said u just need trust
U said trust in me, & i trusted u
i put my trust in u
& what did u fucking do?
God, what did u fucking do?