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My Type of Party ft. Briley (Prod. by Caesar)

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Intro Verse:
i hope u are ready to party
Cuz we gon turn it out tonight
i hope u are ready to party
We're going all out tonight
(Get on up)
i'ma Iive today like today is my last
(Get on up)
i'ma feel great, be grateful, & not spend today in the past, don't stay in the past
(Get on up)
i've worked hard all my life but today, I'ma play, I'ma laugh
(Get on up)
i'ma give praise, I'ma pray, I'ma celebrate today, I'ma dance
& take advantage of today & the chance to see

Everybody moving/ everybody grooving/ everybody taking shots, nobody shooting/ everybody living it up, this my type of party

The music's moving
i'm merely a muse amusing
U, when u hear the music, u get grooving
i kno
i came to shut the party down, like 5-0
i put 5 on that
i put fire on wax
When i rhyme on tracks
That's the least i can do
This is why i'm hot, & i got fans too
Hands up, wave em side to side
Hands up, wave em side to side
(Hands up)
i suggest just going ham, instead of beefing
Tonight let's vibe
i'm just saying, u & i need
whY not?
We gon party like it's 99' & the ball dropped
So for the love of music
For tonight, spread love, let's do it
i just wanna see