From the album L.A.M.E. - The Dark Side

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My Enemy (prod. by LiGriv)

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Some days i self-loathe...
Some days when I'm stressed, i stress myself mo
Some days I'm helpful...
Some days, like today, are days i need the help mo
Lord who's gonna save me, from me?
Have mercy oh Lord
Who's gonna save me, from me?
My Enemy
Is my inner me
My Enemy
Is my inner me...
My Inner me

Verse 1:
i was never accepted
U wouldn't understand if u were never rejected
Reflections show u ya soul
In the mirror i see a broken soul, in need of hope, & acceptance
that don't know how to cope & accept it
Accepting my inner beast
Imagine that it's like a jinchuriki
You're a hurting kid but within you're a beast
Maybe someday you'll make friends with it, when you're at peace
You're a piece of the real u
But still u
The real u
U just really not who u really is, but u still u
i feel u
Do u feel me?
i pray u never feel how i feel,
Do u hear me?
i'm talking to the real u
Let's be real who ain't got inner demons schemin tryna kill u
& they will too
But we live thru
i get by with tracks that i can bob & build to
With pro tools, that's real too
& i made this car tune that u can feel too
How i was molded, is how i kno i got a mill due
Same way i show my tears, i show my tears, too
Nothing's changed
My true colors are still blue


2nd verse:
i swear, the devil dwell in my mind
Tryna bind & confine whatever's there
That's why I seldom share
The fight inside
& i've tried
every time nobody cared
Time after time
i opened up, a closed mind
Go remind
Me it's better just to close my
Closed off, all becuz I'm broke inside
This shell
Everybody battle evil in em even Ghandi
Peace of mind ain't even easy to find when ya mind is in pieces homie
God can judge me
So why i judge me?
Why i feel like I'm worth less unless somebody love me?
Why i don't love me?
i'm good, bad, & deep down i'm ugly

Lord please save me from me
Lord please save me from me
Lord please save me from me
Lord please save me from me
Before it's too late