From the album L.A.M.E. - The Dark Side

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What If I...ft. A'Lex (Prod. by David Luke)

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Background Vocals by
& Stephanie Ré

Verse 1:
What If this ain't meant for me?
What if this ain't meant to be?
What if this is 1 of them blessings God ain't send to me?
What if a long life of short lived wins is God's will for me?
That's how it appears to be
What if i don't have a voice, & no one's hearing me?
What if when I rap, y'all only hear the beat?
What if i a-cappella this rap?
You'd find me online to tell me i'm wack Wouldn't you?
But what if i was def to the critics?
What If i wasn't but was to deaf to hear a critic?
What If i got on stage, grabbed the mic, poured my heart & soul, in all my flows, at all my shows, just to hear crickets?

What If i…i say what if i…i say what if i...never failed, because i never tried

Damn, what if i try & fail every time?
What If the load gets to heavy & i can't carry mine?
What am i so afraid of? Am i scared of trying?
Am i afraid of falling
Or am i scared of flying?
What if i'm blind as hell to every sign
God has ever sent, yet i pray for 1 every night?
Wishing on a star, wishing I could be 1
When i already am, who knows what i'ma become/ but what if i...

What If i don't impress ya?
What if i go & fold under pressure?
What If i
(What if i'm, what if i'm just wasting my time?) What if i...never failed, because i never tried
Waiting for perfect timing
What if i search the world & don't find it?
What If i
(What if i, what if I just fail when i try?)
What if i...never failed, because i never tried

Verse 2:
What if i find what i've been missing?
What if i found out it's not what i envisioned
i'm not a Christian but what if somehow i found religion?
What if i died & went to hell now because i didn't?
What if i found the 1 for me? & fell in love but fell short cause i was trippin?
& not committed
Messing around on the side with women
What if she hurts me, & deserts me for some guy's attention?
What if i do what's right but still get did wrong despite my right? What if it's
My life as God intended
Maybe this is how it's gotta be
In order for me to learn & grow, & get what God got for me?
What if i was different
& not as different, what if somehow i finally fit in?
Instead of feeling like i didn't
(Nobody gets it)
What if i speak, & somebody listens?
Is anybody listening?


What if i didn't follow my heart? What if i did?
What if i quit asking what if, & just lived?