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Child of Exile (Prod. by LiGriv)

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Background Vocals by
& Jamiko Cochran

i walked with God thru the desert
Didn't think it'd lead me astray
It said my child, I'll help ya
But u must walk with me in faith
i said God...lead the way
It said follow your heart, & you'll be ok

For several yrs
i've walked this trail of tears
My only homie is
No one is ever here
i walk alone, going thru hell to get wherever heaven is
Only God knows
i carry the cross
Bear with the pain
With every loss
what have I gained?
Direct me, I'm lost,
This devilish plain
Ain't where i belong
i'll go wherever u want
Where we're going?
Only God knows
God, no
Don't go
Please don't leave, ok?
It replied, whenever u need me, pray

Whenever u need me, pray
Whenever u need me
Whenever u need me, pray
Whenever u need me

When u need me, pray
When u need me, pray

Follow your heart *repeat 6x