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I'ma Be Sumthin (Prod. by David Luke)

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Verse 1:
The aftermath
After Kast
Album track 13, on ATLiens played, was i have to rap
This equation's algebraic
i was a brat
With plans to leave home like i was at bat
Can't build an empire being home, but there's a catch
i had drive but i was out of gas
But God willing/wheeling
That's higher power steering
For y'all ass...
But i ain't 1 to flex & front
i doubt I'll blow on radio like funk flex's bomb
Been hot since 97 bruh, & never hit a slump
Since 21 i been the best that ever did it where i'm from
Yet to make it big, he small, that's no biggie i'll get on
& shine altho i don't sound like biggie in a song
i'm All Bany, putting the city on
Too many Albany Ga boys did it wrong
Don't get it wrong, this ain't a diss, it's just facts
Problem is too many niggas just rap
(Fuck that)

i ain't another wannabe, i'ma be Sumthin
i'ma be Sumthin, hear me
i ain't another wannabe, i'ma be Sumthin
i ain't another wannabe, i'ma be Sumthin
i ain't another wannabe…i'ma be Sumthin
Hear me...feel me

Verse 2:
This is what becomes of the kid that sat in class writing raps
i was 12 like, hell yeah i can rap
Started with a group, me & Brian
Just rhyming
Needed an artist name, that's cool
Shawn was going by Kalage then
Then, Field mob was still a group
This was before they dropped their 1st project, when i would do
Recordings on my boombox inside my room
Had no beats, just rapped over songs, just hearing me rhyme was kinda cool
Recorded over any tape i found around my room
Pressed play & record at the same time, how we'd do
i was studying Eminem, Royce da 5'9, & Snoop
Jay-Z, Outkast, Nas, Canibus, Pac, & a dude
Named in Devin the dude
As time passed, i got better it was inevitable
By then i was on a label, so i begin stressing the group
Brian ain't wanna write shit
His interest wasn't the group
But it's cool
Now i finally got a rap name
Shawn called me Monte Carlo, & i ran with that mayne
In whatever I do
i was 14 then, & never been into a booth
The label ain't make it happen, i left them & left the group
Now i'm Lo did what i had to do at the time
Grinded, kept rhyming, even got in the booth a few times
When i could, D. love wanted to manage me then, cuz how i do with the rhymes
Never happened, but what happened was my boo at the time
Introduced me to Neil, an engineer & producer that's trying
To build a studio, he had a closet booth, i ain't mind
i came thru, & did my thang, paid my dues for the time
Til he hit me & said he's thru charging studio time
Cuz he truly believed in what i can do, & my grind
That meant a lot to a nigga
i wouldn't be where i'm at now, if not for my nigga