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n.W.o (Prod. by J Cayo)

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N.W.O., N.W.O., N.W.O., N.W.O
No Way Out, No Way Out, No Way Out, No Way Out

Verse 1:
Anything worth having ain't easy
Anything easy, it ain't worth having, believe me
Even Dr. King died for a dream, he ain't see it
Gotta be willing to go against all odds, even
If it means meeting
God this evening
Lord have mercy...
I got to push
I can't stop, i got more heart than an octopus
Naysayers wanna see me giving up
Wanna get me off track, but this little engine can't give a fuck
I'm tooting my horn
The fact is
With this rap shit
I be going off, & that's prolly the reason dude ain't got on
I fuckin work hard like a dude in a porn
Won't sit on my ass & stall how i do in the John
Don't sleep on ya dreams, u snooze u lose ya alarm
We all got a calling from God, gahlee will u get the phone
Don't live no average life by no means
Got to sacrifice for yo dreams
But don't sacrifice yo dream

Only when i dream
There's no way out
U learn to talk, u learn to shout
Focus on the things
That were never there
Eliminate what u can't repair (repeat 2x)

Verse 2:
What are u getting by just getting by
U had a dream, did it die?
Did a dreamkiller shoot it down & u didn't believe in it, so u let it fly?
Every time
I clock in i dread it, why?
Cuz I'm too gifted
To do this shit
I swear to God (i swear to God)
It's got to be much more for me
Hate working in retail but God got something in store for me
& it's more than clothes, more than sneaks
More than me
Busting my ass
Getting worked to the max
for minimum wage
I sacrifice cash
& sleep for the dream cuz i believe I'll live it someday, Yo
Job or not I'ma stay on my J.O.
B. believe me these dreams I'ma chase, so
Can't nobody stand in my way, Yo
No way, no
I'll be damned if i die trying nigga
Working a 9 to 5 tryna survive off 5 figures
So i ask, what are u getting by getting by?
Life is what u make it, I'm tryna make it until i die


N.W.O., N.W.O., N.W.O., N.W.O
No Way Out, No Way Out, No Way Out, No Way Out