Dear Organized Noize...

Jo3 h3nson

I started rappin in 97 after hearing an album by Suthern Hip Hop Legends, Outkast, that literally gave me the inspiration of a lifetime!!! So in celebration of the album that changed my life forever, ATLiens, which was released Aug. 27th, 1996...I present to u, "Dear Organized Noize"...a mixtape EP that i created to show love & pay homage to the amazing creatives that molded my life with their creativity, talents, art, style, & music. The mixtape is mostly Organized Noize production from tracks they did with Outkast, with the exception of 1 track produced by Earthtone lll (Outkast & Mr. Dj production group). Listen to it & lemme kno whatchu think. This 1 for the south! This 1 for The Dungeon Family!! This 1 for Organized Noize!!! Without Organized Noize, I wouldn't have EVER heard of the Mighty O, Dem 2 Dope boyz in the Lac, & my FAVORITE artist, Outkast!!

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